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This article was originally published in the Women’s Republic.

TW: references to violence against women

‘A woman should have been allowed to walk home.’

On March 3rd, Sarah Everard disappeared in London. A week later, her remains were found and a police officer was charged with kidnapping and murdering her. This terrible act happened as the UK and the world marked International Women’s Day and the world is still not a safe place for women.

This story is a tragedy. A young woman was snatched off from the street and murdered by a policeman, a person in authority who is…

Frieda Pinto as Meera. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Marriage is built on the foundation of honesty, love, attention, and good communication. It takes work and years of sacrifice to truly know the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. For Meera (Frieda Pinto) and Henry (Logan Marshall-Green), that is the foundation of their marriage; however, not everything is what it seems. Netflix’s new thriller Intrusion, directed by Adam Salky, is about a married couple who lead a beautiful life in a modern home on the outskirts of a small town. …

A woman passes a menstrual product to another.
A woman passes a menstrual product to another. Photo by Annika Gordon on Unsplash

Note: This is neither a scientific study nor an educational piece. Please note that this piece is a collection of stories shared by Maldivian women who are diagnosed with PCOS. This article aims to raise awareness of PCOS, while also highlighting how the healthcare system treats women. If you have any of the symptoms, please consult with your doctor.

I am a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was left undiagnosed, given the wrong treatment, gaslighted, shamed for my body, and not a single doctor gave me medication to treat it. …

Dev Patel as Gawain. Image courtesy of A24.

This article contains spoilers for The Green Knight.

David Lowery’s The Green Knight, an adaptation of the 14th-century poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” defines new standards of Arthurian lore. Filled with spells, spirits and half-dwelling tree creatures, the tale of Sir Gawain renews the myth and the lore to a different aspect and turns into a poetic piece of cinema. Lowery’s interpretation of the poem is refreshing, gloriously beautiful with sounds that intensify the mission at hand. It’s a modern adaptation of the Middle Age poem, but considering the risky efforts to bring Gawain’s story, it deviates from…

Orange razor on a turquoise background
Photo by Максим Рыжкин on Unsplash

When I was growing up, I was deeply insecure about my body hair. From a very young age, I was advised to remove, shave or wax any hair on my body, with the exception of my head, that was visible to anyone. Everything about my body was something that I needed to change from my bushy eyebrows to my dark armpits and my hairy arms. Sometimes, strangers would comment on my facial and arm hair and advise me to wax them because “girls should always have their hair shaved”. These attempts at advice made me insecure about the way that…

Image courtesy of Netflix.

For the up and coming filmmaker, Lisa Nova, played by Rosa Salazar (Alita: Battle Angel and Prime Video’s Undone), her short film Lucy’s Eye means everything to her. But her quest to be the biggest director in Los Angeles is hijacked by a sleazy and predatory director Lou Bourke (Eric Lange) who steals it to make his next big hit. In an act of revenge, she meets with Boro (Catherine Keener) and unleashes a rage that costs her more than what she bargained for. “Set his life on fire”, Lisa says with anger and convulses in pain as she pukes…

Image courtesy of Netflix.

Contains spoilers for the Fear Street trilogy.

Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy is another project that may revolutionise the streaming platform. The streaming service is home to award-winning movies like Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma as well as popular new franchises such as Gina Prince-Bythewood’s The Old Guard, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead and its spin-off Army of Thieves; based on the success of these movies, Netflix has proven that it has the potential to kickstart another franchise. Based on R.L. Stine’s Fear Street book series, director Leigh Janiak created a universe that was meant to be…

Chrissy Teigen at arrivals for Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Spring Studios, New York, NY November 12, 2018. Photo By: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection

This article was originally published in the Women’s Republic.

Contains mentions of abuse and harassment.

The former queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen has finally fallen from her high grace. She has been the centre of many controversies due to her tweets which targeted young girls at the time of the incidents. Teigen is a model and television personality, who has released cookbooks over the years and hosted Lip Sync Battle. Her feed consists of quirky jokes that poke fun at Donald Trump and uncensored thoughts about anything. …

Image courtesy of Netflix.

Navot Papushado’s Gunpowder Milkshake is a film that attempts to entertain the audience with a female-led ensemble, who are a group of assassins that band together to protect a young girl. Part of the movie deals with the estranged reunion between a mother and daughter, while the rest is filled with action sequences that mimic Zack Snyder’s slow-motion shots. The movie seems like a knock-off of movies like John Wick and Kill Bill, and the supporting characters have little to no purpose and backstory as to how they all met. While there are humorous moments between the characters, it fails…

Image courtesy of FOX.

This article contains spoilers of the series, New Girl.

It is rare to find a binge-worthy show, characters that are unhinged and quirky people who play bizarre drinking games and healthy female friendships. FOX’s New Girl offers a kind of friendship that is charming and raw to the sitcom age with unadulterated, chaotic roommates that all live together in a loft and deal with new problems in each episode. From dealing with new love interests to wearing a “penis cast” as a result of a sex injury and helping them scratch their undercarriage, New Girl defines a kind of friendship…

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